Family Portrait Collection of the Brackens

The Bracken’s family portrait makes a strong impression in the St. George and Doterra Community. Kareena and Chris Bracken live in Washington fields with their six children and have been a very active part of the St. George community.  Kareena has become actively involved with Doterra and works that business from home.  She achieved a high level of performance within … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Remembering our Dear Friend Cate

FINE ART PAINTING BY M AND R  GALLERY IN MEMORY OF CATE ROUNDY To me an eternal friend is one you can talk to for hours and it feels like minutes, or you can be completely silent and not feel uncomfortable.  When you are with a person you love being with, everything around you looks more beautiful and peaceful, even … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Celebrate with M&R and win $350 In Fine Art Portraits

We are SO excited to announce our NEW and IMPROVED Website. To celebrate this new adventure we are giving away a complimentary sitting and $150 towards your portrait order when your BOOK ONLINE anytime through the month of March. All you have to do is book your portrait session online with our website. Click on the link below and follow … [SEE MORE IMAGES]