Why Senior Portraits?

senior-portraits-webAt one point or another, most of us had the pleasure of being a High School Senior. Playing on the varsity team, pulling memorable pranks, applying for college, performing for a play or dance competition, making the winning shot, being club president, and saying goodbye to good friends were all memories that we hold dear from our Senior experience. We may not have realized it then, but for most of us our Senior year was the last fleeting moment we had of childhood.

Now fast forward several years to the present. Your child is a Junior who is going to be a Senior in just a few months. You know that your child will only be a High School Senior once and that many of the wonderful feelings and experiences they have now will only be a memory once they graduate. How do you capture that last moment? That cherished time when they’re still living life free of the adult responsibilities that they will soon undertake? The answer is actually quite simple: Senior Portraits.

Capturing this cherished milestone through the use of photography not only encapsulates a memory, but also an identity that can never be taken back. For that reason, we know the importance of having portraits for your all too quickly growing Senior and provide our Seniors with the best Senior portrait session, experience, and portraits that we can. By doing so, our seniors and parents have a memory and identity that will last forever within the walls of their homes. To learn more about our Senior Sessions please visit this link: M&R’s Seniors or contact us at (435)986-8272.