Learn to Strike a Pose!

A Learners Guide to the Perfect Pose

Posing for a picture can be difficult. We all have those images where we just look plain awkward despite how hard we try to look good. Why? Well sadly, it’s because our bodies naturally place themselves in a not so glamorous, photo worthy position. If you’ve had a professional portrait session before, then this concept would explain the awkwardness you may have felt while the photographer was posing you. Posing is just not natural! However, don’t lose all hope as you can still achieve a perfect pose by learning how to position these four regions of your body.

The Hair

There are several ways you can style your hair. And going over every style just isn’t possible. For that reason, we are only going to discuss two generic hair styles: up and down. First lets talk about those lovely up dos.

When you pull your hair up, it exposes a great deal of your face. This can be both a wonderful and awful thing. Framing your face is important because it allows some of your better features to pop, while down playing others. Because of this, its important that you avoid slicking your hair back into a tight ponytail or bun. Instead, allow your hair to flow by making your up do a bit looser. Also, placing some strands of hair down and around your face is a good idea, as this will help frame your face. However, having your hair look good while up doesn’t always pan out, no matter how hard you try. For that reason, we highly encourage that you give a hair down style a try.

Not only is having your hair down easier to achieve, but it is also easier to maintain. Plus, it almost always looks great in a portrait because it frames your face beautifully. However, there’s still one crucial thing you’ll need to keep in mind while having your hair down for portraits, and that is placement. To make your hair look picture perfect, try to always have some of your hair placed over one of your shoulders, while keeping the rest behind the other shoulder. In some cases, you may be able to pull off having your hair over both shoulders instead. However, don’t ever have your hair behind both shoulders or directly on top of your shoulders, as this will quickly make your hair appear nonexistent or heavy and frumpy…

The Face

Naturally, we all want our face to look great in portraits. However, this can be difficult to do because placing your face perfectly is sometimes hard to achieve. But don’t lose hope just yet! With these three easy tips, that perfect placement can be attained with ease. First, lets go over that cute chin of yours. When taking a picture, it can be difficult to get your chin to really pop and show off that gorgeous jaw line of yours. To help avoid the appearance of a double chin and help maximize that slim jaw of yours, pull your chin slightly forward. Doing so will instantly define your chin and slenderize your face with the appearance of your jaw.

Next, don’t let your nose break your cheek line. This might sound odd, but this situation is a serious issue whether you are aware of it or not. Such a problem occurs when you over turn your face to one side. As a result, the tip of your nose goes past the line of your cheek. This will cause your nose to appear abnormally long. Of course, no one wants a Pinocchio nose. So to avoid this issue in the future, remember to only turn your head slightly to one side during your next portrait session.

Lastly, never let the whites of your eyes take over the show. What we mean by this is that when you turn your eyes too far in either direction, a huge chunk of your eye becomes white. Sadly, this is not flattering. In fact, it looks a little creepy… To ensure that your eyes look great, try to keep your gaze forward. Looking at the camera is not always necessary to capture a beautiful portrait. However, if you want an image of yourself looking at the camera, then try to only slightly turn your face to avoid making too drastic of a sideways glance.

The Body

Most of us enjoy looking slender or curvy for portraits because it looks appealing. However, as a result of being born in our own unique and beautiful way, we don’t all score those perfectly luscious hips or that tiny waist. But never fear! Anyone can appear to have a smaller waist or a bit more curves with proper posing. And here’s how you do it…

First, turn your body so that one of your hips is slightly closer to the camera than the other. Next, pop that closer hip to give it a little dimension. Lastly, turn those cute shoulders of yours so that they are facing almost parallel with the camera. And voila! You suddenly have those curvy hips and that tiny waist you’ve always wanted. However, if you would like to make your body look just a bit thinner and less curvy, then try elongating your neck. Doing so will give you that beautiful model neck and your body the appearance of being leaner.

The Arms

Even the smallest of people struggle with arms looking far heavier in portraits than they would like. Why? Well unfortunately, it’s because arm fat is natural and essential for health. No one can survive on zero percent body fat. But we still don’t love seeing that chunk of arm in our portraits either, no matter how natural and healthy it is. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to hide this. By lifting your arms away from your body slightly, your arms will instantly slender. It’s as easy as that! Doing so will also make your torso appear smaller due to the open space formed between your arm and body. How awesome is that?!

Like arm fat, the appearance of your hands can also sometimes be unsightly in portraits. Unfortunately, we can’t completely change the appearance of your hands, but they can be improved by making your hands more fluid. You can achieve this look by relaxing both hands completely and allowing your fingers to curl slightly.

Well friends, you’re officially an expert at posing. Congratulations! And with the help of a mirror and a little practice, you will be posing like a pro in no time! If you’d like to put your posing skills to the test, then give us a call at (435)986-8272 and schedule a portrait session today! We would love to help you achieve that beautiful pose for your next wall portrait (:

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Have a wonderful day!


Planning Your Family Session Outfits

The Dos and the Don’ts of Family Session Outfits

Naturally, we all want to wear our favorite, go to outfit for everything because we feel great in it! However, that all too cute outfit of yours may not look so stunning in your next family session… Why? Well there’s many reasons really. To help you nail your look in your next session and avoid outfit catastrophes, we’ve created a list of dos and don’ts. By following this list faithfully, you and your family will look fabulous in your next family session.

1. Pick Your Colors

When putting together your family’s outfits, color is the first thing to consider. Back in the day, it was great to have all the guys and gals in matching outfits. Today, we highly encourage that you don’t do this. Leave the trends of the past in the past. Instead, find outfits that have coordinating colors. This will tie your family together like a beautiful string of pearls and avoid the blandness of matching. When picking your colors, try to limit the amount to no more than four. And make sure that neutral tones are a part of that selection. For most of our families, we highly encourage implementing richer tones or pastels as these colors tend to look more flattering and subtle in portraits. The idea is to make you the focal point of the portrait and not your neon dress.

2. Limit Patterns

We understand that patterns can look dang cute, especially on little ones. However, in a photograph patterns can become a huge, busy mess of unwanted distractions. Because patterns can take away from what’s important, which is you and your family, we advise that patterns be used at a minimum. Of course, dad can still wear his favorite plaid shirt or your daughter can wear that cute floral dress. But please, don’t do both. You’ll be glad you didn’t in the end (:

3. Match Your Home

The goal of having a family session is to be able to hang those beautiful memories on the walls of your home. Because of this, it only seems natural that you would want your portraits to match your home. To make sure your portraits are wall worthy, you’ll need to make sure that what ever outfits you pick for your family session matches the decor of your home. For example, if you have a red wall that you plan to hang your portraits on, then it wouldn’t be wise to pick outfits with colors that don’t go well with red. Same applies to home accent colors found in decor.

4. Layers, Accessories, & Textures

Scarves, jackets, pullover sweaters and vests, belts, hair pieces, statement jewelry, and blazers are all wonderful accents for family portraits! Adding that little bit of texture, layers, and accessories are great because they call attention, but don’t distract from you or your family. So layer up! Show off that adorable necklace of yours, or classy your son up with a dashing blazer. We certainly wouldn’t mind!

5. Split it Up

For most people, it’s easy to put everyone in the same colored top and coordinating bottoms. For your sake and ours, please avoid making this mistake. When a family all has the same colors on top and on bottom, everything starts to look like massive blobs of color. This is definitely no bueno. To avoid this, mix things up by splitting things up! This can be done by having varying colors on bottom and top for each person. Of course, two people can have the same colored bottoms or tops. But make sure that the two individuals that are in similar outfits are not posed next to one another in the session. The last thing you want is a two headed blob in your portrait.

6. Think Classy

Fashions come and go, but being classy will never go out of style. For that reason, we encourage that when making your clothing selection, you pick something classy. By doing so, your portraits will remain timeless and, as a result, you’ll never want to take them off the walls of your home. If you have a hard time putting a classy outfit together, then shop clothing collections online. J.Crew, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor are just a few of the many great stores that have beautiful and classy clothing collections for you to choose from.

7. Lay It Out

Once you have everyone’s outfits together, lay them out on the floor to get an idea of how they will work together for your portrait session. If you don’t like the outfits all together, then take out the pieces that aren’t working for you and find a replacement. We understand that this can be a tedious task, but in the end you’ll be much happier with the result of your family portrait if you take the time to do so.

Well friends, we hope this information was helpful! But if this still seems like an overwhelming task, then give us a call and set up a free planning consultation with us! We are always more than happy to help you put together your timeless portraits (:

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Taking the Perfect Selfie

A Selfie For All of Your Social Media Needs

In today’s day in age, it’s almost impossible to not have some sort of social media platform. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn your going to need a profile picture. Which means your going to have to make a selfie as well. For some, this task seems daunting because getting the perfect image of yourself can be frustrating and sometimes feel impossible. There’s so many factors that go into taking a photograph. Lighting, angles, cropping, editing, filters… Sound a little overwhelming? We totally understand (and relate), but don’t lose hope just yet! By learning how to use these concepts correctly, you can create the perfect selfie with ease. And today we are going to share with you how!


Lighting can be tricky and it’s very crucial. If you have too much or not enough lighting, then your selfies turn into a mess of unflattering shadows or washed out skin. No one wants that. For simplicity, we advise that everyone use natural lighting. Preferably natural lighting that comes through a window, as it almost always provides flattering shadows and lighting that won’t blow out your image. Also, please never use your phone’s flash! Although it may be tempting because it gives you a good dose of easy light, phone flashes will almost always wash you out because of how harsh the lighting is. If you don’t have any natural light and must use a flash, then use the front screen of your phone to take a selfie. Your phone will still emit light from the screen, but it won’t be an obnoxious flash. Same rules apply for florescent lighting. Don’t use it folks! Your selfies are sure to make you sad if you do.


So as you all probably know, angling your phone camera upward towards your face is a no no because unflattering things are bound to take place with your face. Likewise, angling your phone camera too much downward towards your face is also a no no. Trust us on this one. So what are you suppose to do? First, have your camera straight on with your face. Then angle your camera slightly downward so that you still get a flattering, but subtle angle. Lastly, tilt your head to the side and your chin down slightly and voila! You’ve created the perfect selfie angle.


Cropping is great because when you are taking a selfie, the last thing you are thinking about is whats in your background or if your face is centered. By cropping your image, both problems can be eliminated. Because M&R believes that everyone has their own unique beauty, we don’t encourage that you do a great deal of editing on your selfies. These images are suppose to be a reflection of you. So embrace the natural and know you are beautiful just the way you are! Of course, we understand if you need to change the contrast or brightness of your image just a little or add a fun filter. All we ask is that you don’t compromise your natural beauty in the process (:

Well friends, we hope this information has been helpful and we wish you the best of luck in creating the perfect, profile worthy selfie! However, if you decide you’d rather avoid the headache and have someone else take your photographs for you, then we’d be happy to oblige. Give us a call today at (435)986-8272 or email us at mrgallery@m-rgallery.com and we’ll schedule your session right away!

Have a great day!