Baby Halle’s First Year


Halle Howard came to us as a newborn baby with two very excited parents.  We have a one year baby program that allows a baby to come in at 3mo., 6 mo., 9 mo., and 1 year.  Each visit they obtained a new developmental stage and so our portrait sessions show off their new level of achievement.  The One Year is a party in the studio.  Mom and Dad bring a cake and we let them go at it in front of the camera. It’s pretty dang cute to watch all the different personalities and how they go about this new found freedom.  Halle was a doll through the whole thing and we loved watching her first year.  It goes much faster than anyone would ever want or dream, so the album at the end, with the wall portraits makes it possible for a parent to relive long after that first year is gone.


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