Kennadi Gates a FIGHTER!

On Thursday, April 28th Kennadi Gates was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Leukemia ALL). She is the fifth child of a very athletic and active family. Kennadi makes everyone smile around her with her enthusiasm for life and go at it attitude. So when the news spread of this challenge that awaited her it was not without heavy hearts of … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Family Portrait Collection of the Brackens

The Bracken’s family portrait makes a strong impression in the St. George and Doterra Community. Kareena and Chris Bracken live in Washington fields with their six children and have been a very active part of the St. George community.  Kareena has become actively involved with Doterra and works that business from home.  She achieved a high level of performance within … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Remembering our Dear Friend Cate

FINE ART PAINTING BY M AND R  GALLERY IN MEMORY OF CATE ROUNDY To me an eternal friend is one you can talk to for hours and it feels like minutes, or you can be completely silent and not feel uncomfortable.  When you are with a person you love being with, everything around you looks more beautiful and peaceful, even … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

The Holzapfel Family Photo Shoot in Zion National Park

Gerry and Kathy Holzapfel joined the Southern Utah community from Brooklyn New York. They own Slate Ridge Homes and build custom homes here in Washington County. We got to know Kathy and her husband by participating in the Southern Utah Home Show last year and had a booth in their garage. The homes they build are beautiful and crafted to … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Senior Couple Portraits Done with Class and Personality

Loya and Gayle Garrett were a delight to work with and we truly enjoyed our time with them.  They came in for a consultation with us and began to dream what it was that they wanted to share with their kids and grandkids that would be a legacy of them.  It was decided that we would do a formal session … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Beautiful Clothing Ideas from the Wells Family Portrait Session

Family Portraits

Jason and Stacy Wells were a cute family that we had the opportunity to work with.  They have lived abroad and in several places here in the United States fortunately for St. George they located here to be near grand parents.  They both contribute to their community and church and their kids are actively involved in school and extra curricular … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Tyler & Chanelle’s Portraits -“Love Conquers All”

  Tyler & Chanelle’s Portraits -“Love Conquers All” Congratulations Tyler and Chanelle- Its been a journey! I am filled with joy for the examples that you two have set for your families. My heart knows that you two have a special purpose in life and am excited to see where your journey takes you. Hold to the faith and love … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Orton’s Family Photography Portraits -“The Beginning of M&R Gallery”

Orton’s Family Photography Portrait – “The Beginning of M&R Gallery” “When I first started with Melody in the portrait business, I knew I loved and admired what could be caught on the camera but I was still learning the value of light and what it could do to create emotion in an image.  Called my dear friend Michelle Orton and asked … [SEE MORE IMAGES]