It’s Rhonda’s Birthday

So Let’s Celebrate! Today is an exciting day at our studio because it’s the R of M&R Gallery’s birthday! So to celebrate Rhonda’s birthday, we decided to share a little bit about this remarkable woman with you. Rhonda as a Child Rhonda was born in Provo, Utah to her two wonderful parents, Ken and Sharon. Rhonda is the second oldest … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Winters are Beautiful in the Desert

So Why Not Give it a Try? During this time of year, many retreat to the cozy indoors or move to warmer climates to escape the frigid cold. However, here in Southern Utah we have been blessed with warm temperatures even in the coldest of times, which has made it the perfect winter destination. But unfortunately, what cold we do receive diminishes most of our … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

It’s Melody’s Birthday!

So Let’s Celebrate! Today is an exciting day at our studio because it’s the M of M&R Gallery’s birthday! So to celebrate Melody’s birthday, we decided to share a little bit about this remarkable woman with you. Mel as a Child Melody was born and raised in the little town of Rigby, Idaho by her two wonderful parents, Aaron and … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

A Winter Session Experience

Capture the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Winter is a wonderful season filled with beautiful twinkling Christmas lights, drinking hot cocoa by the fire, snuggling with the ones you love, heartwarming occasions to give to others and the promise of a new year. However, there is one beautiful characteristic of winter that we don’t have the pleasure of enjoying … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Southwest Symphony

  A Community Treasure Southwest Symphony is a fine performing art orchestra located here in beautiful St. George, Utah. Their mission has been to inspire and enrich audiences through the transformative power of symphonic music. Over the years, this organization has achieved this goal by sharing beautiful, educational and entertaining musical performances for all the community to enjoy. Through these … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

The Magic of Believing

A Once in a Lifetime Session with Santa Over the millenniums, Santa Claus has become an emblem of charity, peace, love and hope. His generosity and cheer is something that we all wish to emulate because of the warmth and joy it welcomes into our hearts during this wonderful time of year. However, for children this holiday brings a little something … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

A Night of Inspiration AAUW Gala

Come and Support Our Community Through the AAUW Gala Who Is AAUW? The American Association of University Women (AAUW)  is one of the nation’s leading organizations promoting equity and education for women and girls. The AAUW St. George Branch, founded in 1981, is the largest branch in Utah, with over 120 members. We are so grateful for all that this organization … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Falling in Love with Fall

A Truly Wonderful Time of Year Although summer has come to an unfortunate end, many of us are excited for a new and beautiful season to begin; Fall. Our love for this season stems from a variety of things. For most, its watching an exhilarating football game on a brisk autumn evening. For others, its the magic of becoming someone … [SEE MORE IMAGES]