Remembering Christ In Fine Art

Nothing is more rewarding as an artist than to create something that you are passionate about.  Celebrating Easter and reflecting back on memorable experiences this portrait comes to mind.  Rhonda’s son Tyler was serving on the seminary board his senior year in high school.  They had a wall in the seminary building that needed to reflect their theme for the … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Remembering our Dear Friend Cate

FINE ART PAINTING BY M AND R  GALLERY IN MEMORY OF CATE ROUNDY To me an eternal friend is one you can talk to for hours and it feels like minutes, or you can be completely silent and not feel uncomfortable.  When you are with a person you love being with, everything around you looks more beautiful and peaceful, even … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

Creative Ideas Make Timeless Senior Portraits

Regan Ellsworth is a senior at Hurricane High School and what an impressive young woman she is.  She was a Senior Rep. for M&R Gallery and we appreciate all the work she went to.  When a student is a senior rep for M&R Gallery their portrait session is free which includes a studio and outdoor portrait session, but they also … [SEE MORE IMAGES]

A Girl. Her Harley. And Snow Canyons Majestic Landscape.

Joi Bodine resides near Austin Texas where she enjoys her small farm with horses.  Joi started her career as a nurse but with great vision and a lot of determination started her own hospice business in Houston, Texas and expanded to Austin, Texas as well.  Joi has a passion for her kids, grand kids, and her Harley.  Joi spent part … [SEE MORE IMAGES]