Why Children Need Classical Portraiture

The Fine Art of Being

Classical Portraiture is an art form that few possess. Why? Because it presents a challenge where in an artist must capture a subject’s essence of being and not just their appearance. By doing so, a viewer can peer into the subjects soul and inner light. By mastering proper lighting and posture this art form can be achieved. However, not all subjects can be portrayed the same within in this style. This is due to the subjects’ variance in light and purity. You might ask, well then who can provide such a beautiful countenance? The answer is quite simple. It’s your children.

Why the Need

As your little ones grow, you will always have the wonderful opportunity to capture their life story. Our generation, more than any other, has been blessed with the beautiful gift of capturing life’s moments with the incredible advancements in technology. Whether it be the day of their birth, a birthday party, their first steps, a game winning shot, a High School Dance or their wedding day. You’ll always have those memories to preserve and cherish. But what about the wholesome and genuine inner light that only children possess? Can the beautiful and pure essence of who they are be captured within a photograph as well? Yes, it can, but only with the masterful touch found in classical portraiture.

How It’s Done

A child’s inner beauty and purity can be found in the simple, yet striking features of their face. Because of the chaos that is ever present within our environment, this can be difficult to portray in a candid portrait. In order to capture a child’s true inner beauty, appropriate lighting that accentuates their delicate features must be present within an intimate and simple setting where in their little spirits can feel at peace. Only then can their beautiful and pure essence shine through. Because capturing this is so difficult to achieve, yet so vital to expressing a child’s innocence and youth, our studio has spent several years mastering this stunning art form with a painted touch. And now we are excited to announce that we can share this beauty with you.

Don’t Let it Pass You By

Your children will only experience youth once. As they continue to grow within our ever changing world, their naive and pure spirits will change too, and the essence that they once possessed will develop into something wonderful, but different. Don’t let your child’s beautiful state of being pass you by. Capture it while you still have the chance. Call our studio at (435)986-8272 to learn more or schedule a children’s classical portrait session today.

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