Falling in Love with Fall

A Truly Wonderful Time of Year

Although summer has come to an unfortunate end, many of us are excited for a new and beautiful season to begin; Fall. Our love for this season stems from a variety of things. For most, its watching an exhilarating football game on a brisk autumn evening. For others, its the magic of becoming someone else for a night. And for some, its eating delicious treats that only this season brings. But for us, our excitement stems from something different, yet beautiful. What we love most about this season is the colorful arrangements of leaves that set fire to our sky and the gathering of families to spend quality time with one another. Because of these qualities, its no surprise that fall is the most sought after time of year for family portraits.

The Perfect Time for Family Portraits

Falls vibrant leaves transform our scenery into something truly breathtaking. And the crisp autumn air makes taking portraits all the more enjoyable. Families far and wide also gather together this one time in the year to celebrate the gratitude and love they feel for one another. With everyone in town and beautiful scenery abound, fall becomes the perfect time of year for family portraits.

When to Schedule

Fall leaves and quality time with loved ones is sparse. Because we want you to have the opportunity to capture this special moment with them, our studio is extending three months in which fall family portrait sessions will be taking place. Because fall leaves change so quickly, we have decided to have these sessions take place in three of our favorite locations; Beautiful Brian Head in September, Wonderful Pine Valley in October, and our lovely hometown of St. George in  November. If you wish to capture your families during this rare and beautiful time of year, please contact us today at (435)986-8272 or mrgallery@m-rgallery.com and we would love to schedule a fall session for you.

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