It’s Ashley’s Birthday!

So Let’s Celebrate!

Today is an exciting day at M&R Gallery because it’s Ashley’s birthday! So to celebrate her birthday, we’ve decided to share a little bit about this darling woman with you.

Ashley as a Child

Ashley is the niece of Rhonda (the R of M&R Gallery) and has spent many days playing at her aunts house as a child. Rhonda’s daughter, Shalei, and Ashley were and still are the best of buddies. Back in the day, Ashley and Shalei were often found coloring in their favorite Disney coloring books, watching movies, shopping online, or choreographing a new dance. They were the cutest of friends and some of the liveliest kids you would ever meet!

Besides being an adorable child, Ashley was also a very athletic and artistic student. She played on several softball teams and even received a lead role in the play Oklahoma in high school! However, her abilities and talents don’t stop there.

After graduating High School at Desert Hills, Ashley went on to pursue a college degree at Dixie State University in Media Studies with an emphasis in film and will be graduating this spring! We’re so proud of her for achieving this milestone in her life, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.

Ashley Now

Ashley has faithfully worked at M&R Gallery for several years. In the time that she has worked with us, she has filled several roles and has always worked her hardest to make M&R a success. We’re so grateful for her and her artistic spirit. After graduating this spring, she will be moving away to a bigger city so that she can spread her wings and experience life more fully. We’re so sad to see her go, but so happy that we got to spend all of these years working with her.

Happy Birthday cute girl! We love having you at M&R and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you in your new adventures 🙂


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