Remembering Christ In Fine Art

Portraying our Savior

Portraying our Savior

Nothing is more rewarding as an artist than to create something that you are passionate about.  Celebrating Easter and reflecting back on memorable experiences this portrait comes to mind.  Rhonda’s son Tyler was serving on the seminary board his senior year in high school.  They had a wall in the seminary building that needed to reflect their theme for the year. “Bear My Name.” Tyler believing his mom can do anything approached her about doing a portrait portraying Christ that would also have their theme.

Of course as any mom does, Rhonda set out to make sure she didn’t let her son down in this quest.  Taking on such a project meant finding the right clothing and a subject with long hair that portrayed a countenance something like what we imagine the Saviors to be.  Howard Borst became our model for this assignment and clothing was donated for the occasion.

As we approached the desert with our cameras and subject it was down to the final element of light.  Light portrays emotion and within light there is power and strength.  We hiked down into the ravine, all of us with anxious hearts wanting this moment to work into the art piece it needed to be.  We stepped aside, bowed our heads and with folded arms said a word of prayer that our Heavenly Father would assist us in this project.

From there everything flew into action, as we opened our eyes and looked out over the desert the sun had dropped to its perfect spot and had everything lit.  We only had moments to place Howard in his appointed spot and the magic began.  For us prayers were answered and an evening to remember was etched in our hearts forever.  Every time we look at this image we are reminded of answered prayers and a conviction that he did pay the price for us all.

Portraying our Savior


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