Remembering our Dear Friend Cate


In honor of Cate Roundy this Fine Art Portrait was hand painted for her to be remembered by.


To me an eternal friend is one you can talk to for hours and it feels like minutes, or you can be completely silent and not feel uncomfortable.  When you are with a person you love being with, everything around you looks more beautiful and peaceful, even the air feels fresher. Time almost stands still until the moment is done.  Years don’t define your friendship or that you are in the same phase of life because you are in the same frame of mind. Friends like this teach you and your thoughts hold value to them and they hear your words and interpret what your soul is saying.

Cate Roundy was this kind of friend and I feel such gratitude that I had the opportunity to make a few footsteps next to hers in this journey of life.  I want to pay special tribute to this dear woman and leave a memory of her on our Facebook and Blog because she holds a dear spot for the “M” and the “R” of M&R Gallery. 

Cate was a counselor in this lifetime but a very dedicated student to knowledge and self-discovery.  She loved God and she loved truth!  Cate had a special gift with people in helping them identify their inner truth and finding the strength to stand behind it.  She stayed busy doing the “Work” which helped her to understand her own emotions and gain the strength to teach others how to do the same. 

If you knew Cate you knew she had endless yellow pads written with the most articulate handwriting.  Notes that identified her feelings, shared her newfound knowledge, and concepts she wanted composed in her next book.  You would know that Cate believed that we all had teachers that came in the form of companions, children, and those that we associate with.  Cate’s compassion for humanity and love of God made her a woman of great strength and courage. 

Cate had a passion for the Oregon Coast and loved it dearly.  

There she would spend her summers in a small trailer in Garibaldi next to the coastline and study and write.  Rhonda and I had the opportunity two summers in a row to visit her sacred little haven.  Talking, laughing, eating, walking, and pondering were ours for several priceless days each summer.  We would go home content longing for the next time we could share time like that again with Cate.

What we didn’t know nor did any of Cate’s dear loved ones, was that she had breast cancer.  She wanted her remaining time spent in a positive atmosphere and so she chose not to share.  It wasn’t until the final moments of her life that she spoke of just how ill she was.  Our dear friend Cate passed away in November of 2013.  But her legacy stands strong with all those that she taught and counseled as well as five beautiful daughters and all her cute grandchildren.

I think the images posted with this article will tell you everything that my words cannot.  I truly do believe a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Cate we love you!!

Author of :  I Will Sing My Song!  C.C. Roundy, LCSW


The beautiful coast of Oregon lends itself to fine art photography captured at its finest.


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  1. When my close friend, Zach, and I decided to spend our afternoon relaxing on the beach, I couldn’t resist this opportunity for this great picture, says Christian Pfeifer.

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