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the Magic of Believing

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Painted Portraiture:

The Magic of Believing
There’s nothing quite like the magic that comes during the Season of Believing. With an extra dash of bright eyes, wonder, hope, and love, it’s no wonder we cherish the moments that the holiday season brings. And, as mothers of grown children, we know all too well how fast these magical years go by.

Driven by our passion to stop time, it was our goal to create a place where Christmas magic exists, where visiting with the real Santa is possible, and where the memories of believing can last forever. Happy tears have been shed as parents watch with nostalgia as their kids interact with Santa. Perhaps the most unique part of our experience can be credited to the fact that Santa actually knows the children on a personal level, often talking with them or joking with them about their recent lost tooth or big win at T-Ball.

From our set, lighting, expertise, post-production magic, and the most magical Father Christmas you can find – our Santa Sessions are unlike anything else you’ll ever experience.
There are many that can provide pictures to their clients, but far less can provide artwork that will stand the test of time. Every wall portrait created in our ‘Magic of Believing’ sessions is given a full artistry touch with added technical ‘magic’ that truly makes each portrait come alive. They are printed on the finest hand stretched canvas and finished with a beautiful frame designed to match the rich tones created on the set.

We have created custom packages to include our sought after fine art products, which include our signature album along with our hand printed and stretched canvas framed to be the greatest ensemble of the Season.
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There are no adequate words to express my gratitude for the amazing work of art that M&R has given us. Our portraits are absolutely breathtaking! I site, stare and cry every time I look at them. Thank you Melody & Rhonda for this priceless gift we will cherish forever!

-Karleen and Bob Maughan

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