Why we treasure Mother & Child Portraits

Melody Rhonda
April 29, 2021

Motherhood has always been at the heart and soul of M&R Gallery.

When Melody started her portrait career over 25 years ago, it was the nationally recognized artists who were able to capture the emotional relationship between mothers and children that won Melody’s heart. 

I guess you could say that Motherhood was the fuel that ignited my passion and love for Fine Art Portraiture. Not only did I want to preserve time, but I was determined to capture the sacred relationship and love that I had for my babies, who some day, I knew wouldn’t be so little.

How thankful I am for a dear friend, and talented photographer, who ventured in empty fields, lake edges, and studio sessions to help me tell my story with my little ones.

As my youngest turns 18 this year, each portrait I have with my babies have become the most cherished, priceless treasure that I own.

mom & baby

Unlike Melody, Rhonda’s passion for Fine Art Portraiture has been fueled by a quiet pain in her heart.

A story shared by many women whose kids have grown, Rhonda realized as she thumbed through hundreds of pictures of her children, that she was nowhere to be found.  Like a lot of mothers, she was always behind the camera. Never in front. Not realizing at the time that portraits of her and her children would be something her heart would ache for.

“You can’t replace time. Or the moments you have right now. The pain of not having pictures of myself with my babies while they were young will always be there. But because of it, my passion to make sure no other mom has to feel the way I did once my babies were grown is bigger than ever.

And (because I believe it’s never too late), once I joined Melody on this Fine Art Portrait journey—I gathered my not so little children around me, and finally got that mother-child portrait I always wanted. Even though they’re grown, they’re still my babies, and every time I look at this portrait on my wall, I can’t help but cry (happy, joyful tears)."

mom & baby

Needless to say, above everything else, this is why Mother-Child Relationship portraits will always be at the heart and soul of M&R Gallery.

Whether it's newborns, young children, or even great-grandmothers with their babies, babies — we believe the best way we can celebrate motherhood is by preserving these sacred relationships in a timeless, artistic portrait! 

Each year M&R enters the International Print Competition through the Professional Photographers Association of America. This year, to honor and celebrate motherhood, Melody & Rhonda are hoping to expand and build their portfolio of creative art pieces that capture the beauty of motherhood. To do this we need your help!

We need 5 mothers, of all and any age - to be a part of our Artistry Studies! (Basically, we want you to come model, but with your sweet kiddos. All you need to do is love on them and let us do the rest!

To apply simply click the link below. And let us celebrate YOU!

ps. Space is limited and sure to fill up fast. And please share with any other amazing mothers out there who deserve to be pampered and celebrated!

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