Winter session in Southern Utah

July 9, 2020

During this time of year, many retreat to the cozy indoors or move to warmer climates to escape the frigid cold. However, here in Southern Utah we have been blessed with warm temperatures even in the coldest of times, which has made it the perfect winter destination. But unfortunately, what cold we do receive diminishes most of our foliage, which brings about the perception that taking outdoor portraits in the winter is a terrible idea. However, we are glad to share with you today that this thought is flat out wrong, and here’s a few reasons as to why.

Here’s Our Why

1. In Southern Utah we have a remarkable landscape that fosters the life of desert plants all year round. These desert wonders make for a beautiful backdrop in any portrait session. Not only do they look lively, but they add a unique flare that can only be captured right here in our beautiful Southern Utah home.

2. Another added bonus to doing a winter session in Southern Utah is the temperatures are absolutely splendid. From now until March, we can expect temperatures between the high 50’s to the low 70’s. This is perfect weather for a portrait session, especially in a desert where we typically experience 90+ degrees during a greater portion of the year.

With the unique flare of the Southern Utah desert foliage and the pleasant temperatures, you are sure to have a wonderful portrait experience that will provide you with beautiful and timeless portraits to be enjoyed for years to come. To schedule your portrait session in our iconic and beautiful desert surroundings, give us a call today at (435)986-8272. To see more of our work, please visit our website at

We’re excited to provide you with this one of a kind portrait experience and look forward to capturing your life moments soon!

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